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Buy Citron Cookies Online

Cookies carts Shop, They aren’t kidding when they say each cookie weighs in at a whooping half pound! Buy Cookies carts Online, They are probably the biggest cookies we have ever had the pleasure of eating, Cookies carts.



Buy Citron Cookies Online

Buy Citron Cookies Online, Lets start with the Reese’s Peanut Butter. Buy Cookies carts Online, It had a great peanut butter flavor and was packed with Reese’s Pieces. Order Cookies carts Online, If you are a peanut butter lover, this cookie is for you. It will probably be the best peanut butter cookie you have ever eaten. Next is the Signature Sugardoodle. Cookies carts for sale online, This one was by far our favorite! Buy Citron Cookies Online, It tasted like both a sugar cookie and a snickerdoodle cookie.

Online Cookies carts Shop, How is that even possible?! Well, City Cake Cookies did it. And then there is the Killer Stuffed Red Velvet. This cookie was filled with sweetened cream cheese, which turned ooey gooey after a few seconds in the microwave. Even if you aren’t a huge red velvet fan, you will enjoy this cookie. Last, but not least, there was the Rich Chocolate Chip. Buy medical Cookies carts Online, Holy cow, was this cookie rich! It only took two bites to satisfy our sweet tooth. We will be snacking on this one for a few days.

Claim to Fame: “The Cake Shop Known For Cookies” High-end stunning cakes, gourmet cupcakes and some of the world’s best cookies, How To Buy Cookies carts Online, including a signature line weighing in at a half pound each and a Stacked Half Pound Cookie Cake

Noteworthy Flavors: Stuffed Red Velvet, Nutella-filled Macamochip, Marbleized Almond and Matcha

Our Thoughts: City Cakes was generous enough to send us four of their amazing cookies to try! Flavors included Reese’s Peanut Butter, Signature Sugardoodle, Killer Stuffed Red Velvet and Rich Chocolate Chip. Discreet Cookies carts For Sale Online, They aren’t kidding when they say each cookie weighs in at a whooping half pound! They are probably the biggest cookies we have ever had the pleasure of eating.

For the best City Cakes cookie experience, we strongly encourage you to heat their cookies up in the microwave or oven. Legal Cookies carts For Sale Online, BIG thanks to City Cakes for spoiling us with samples!

2 reviews for Buy Citron Cookies Online

  1. keefah

    I was able to find this product in the subscribe and save catalog and it has now become a regular for me. As for the physical product itself you will find that this is a very large box. So large, in fact, that it barely fits in my cupboard. But that is just something for you to consider when buying and shouldn’t be seen as a negative. The boxes come shrink wrapped together in bundles of three. The cereal is also very fresh with LOTS of time before the sell by date.
    I would recommend this item

  2. mirabelle22

    Cookies au citron
    Je n’ai que 11 ans et j’adore la pâtisserie… Cette recette est très simple et ma famille et moi avons adoré ces cookies !
    Ma suggestion : Seul bémol : nous les avons déjà tous mangé !

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